Dad Stays Home

One of the largest role changes in modern times is the ability of men to be able to remain at home with their children, and it is often considered a fundamental change in the role reversal of couples. It used to be that men who stayed home with their children were unable to function normally in the world, and they were often looked down upon. Allowing their wives to leave home for work was considered disgraceful, and many people did not bother to hide their disgust that the man was not providing for his family as he should have been. This has all changed, and many couples and children are proud that dad stays home.

While it is important to provide for the family financially, there are many women who are just as capable as their husbands. Some of them now have higher paying jobs, and others have found they would rather pursue a career. They see nothing wrong with their husband caring for their children while they are small, and they believe a man is more than capable of taking care of a household. The financial situation is generally just as stable as if the man was working, so there are no quibbles between the pair.

Men who stay at home have the same options as women did in the past, and there is no reason they must forego all employment. Many jobs today can be done via online access, and some men have chosen to work from home exclusively. Others have found they do need some time in a more professional setting, so they tend to find work that combines online access with some office hours. There are even men who are quite happy to run the household and raise the children, and they are happy to kiss their wife good-bye in the morning as she leaves for work.

It might seem to some old-fashioned people that the man in this type of situation has given up on a career, but many of them believe their work is just as important as anything else they might do for a living. They are not looking for their wives to take care of them, and many enjoy the privilege of raising their children.