Work from Home Parents

The idea of a parent going out the door and off to work in the morning used to be normal, but advances in technology have made it easier than ever before to stay at home while working. It used to be that at least one parent had a job or career outside the home, but modern life has made it possible to for both to be work from home parents. It could get a bit chaotic if the children are underfoot during important meetings, so many parents have found day care is still a necessity. Combining offices might be a bad idea, so finding the right balance for the whole home is important.

Communication is an important component of most businesses, so a parent working from home might need a dedicated office space. The children would have to learn it is not a place where they can play. Isolation from the noise of the rest of the house could be paramount during conference calls or online business meetings, so closing off a room for this purpose would be a good first step in setting up at least one home office.

If both parents work from home, more than a single office space could be an issue the couple will need to tackle. Sharing an office would probably be easy enough, but being able to field calls at the same time could be their limiting factor. Couples able to work from home are generally intelligent and resourceful, so they should be able to find solutions that will integrate well into their home while enhancing their ability to work.

It could be that the couple has younger children, so caring for them while both parents work might be an issue they will have to agree upon before setting up their home work spaces. Being able to concentrate on their careers means knowing their children are safe and supervised, so hiring an in-home carer or finding the right child care is a responsibility they would take seriously. Getting the children settled properly could be key to feeling able to do their jobs, and it could give them a bit of adult time together during the day to work on their own personal relationship.